Hey guys, I’m just posting this so you understand what has been going on the past few weeks, and our lack of activity. I’m really sorry about that. Once it’s Friday I’ll go back and try to make my way through most of your questions, plus any new ones.

3 years ago on 06/27/11 at 09:23pm

Anonymous asked: okay i want to get two eyes blinking next to eachother on my blog but there seperate gifs and when i upload them they are always on top of eachother instead of next to eachother


That’s just tumblr’s problem - they’ll show up next to each other on your blog if you post it, but you can’t get them next to eachother on your dash. It’s a stupid thing, tumblr changed it to that about 5 - 7 months ago, and there’s no way to change it. Sorry!

3 years ago on 06/10/11 at 04:48am

Anonymous asked: Hey!
Sometimes when I make gifs, I can save them at 256 colors and they're under 500kb, but they're still grainy? I don't understand how if they're at the best settings, my gifs are still grainy?

I don’t think there’s much you can actually do (there might just be too many colours in the GIF - more than 256), except for use a different colouring technique. Using a darker colouring can eliminate some colours, and therefore free them up to be used elsewhere in the gif. Additionally, when you click ‘save for web and devices’ check if you’re using pattern or diffusion - pattern sometimes gives GIFs an almost grainy style :)

3 years ago on 06/09/11 at 08:05pm

Anonymous asked: how can you do gif like this? http://28.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_llflaqc5Fg1qexl5do1_500.gif

the blending of the Gif's background color to the color of the other layer?
thanks in advance :)

To me it just looks like they’ve used the brush tool. :)

So remove all editing layers (like colour balance, brightness etc) by clicking the little eye so it disappears and then click the eyedropper tool. They’ve then clicked the colour at the top of the GIF, that you want to blend. Then use canvas size and extend upwards, and create a new layer. On this new layer, use the brush tool (which is set to the colour you clicked earlier) and draw all over the empty space you’ve added. Make sure when you’re using the brush tool you’ve selected the soft edged one and not a hard edged one, so it blends better. A larger sized brush will blend nicely :)

3 years ago on 06/09/11 at 03:31pm

Anonymous asked: I heard that if you make an action you can sharpen all frames. Can you do that?

Roni: I’ve never personally tried it, so I’m not sure. 

Chelsea: I’ve used actions to sharpen, but as far as I’m aware you can’t sharpen all frames at once, even with actions. :)

3 years ago on 06/09/11 at 09:36am

Anonymous asked: Out of all the options: Bilinear, Nearest Neighbor.. etc.. which one is the best?

Image resizing options? I find that I prefer the “Bicubic (best for smooth gradients)” option, or the “Bilinear” option.

3 years ago on 06/09/11 at 04:48am

Anonymous asked: howd you do this
make it really long in length but still have it 500 in width?

You need a high quality (720p or 1080p, for example) video, and when you record it (or if you take screencaps) they must be over 500px - so that when you’re in photoshop, you can select image -> canvas size -> width (500px). This will shorten the width, but keep the height the same size :)

3 years ago on 06/08/11 at 08:25pm

stacys-mom asked: http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lmbeywcxtO1qacpv5o1_500.gif

This gif. What tool on photoshop gives it the pixellated effect?

What pixelated effect? If you’re talking about the slight graininess, it’s due to saving the gif with the Pattern setting in Save for Web and Devices. 

3 years ago on 06/08/11 at 02:25pm

Anonymous asked: http://morgana-lefay.tumblr.com/post/6263989481/houseepiphanies-wastedyearswastedgain

do you have /know any similar psds to that?

Sorry, I don’t have that psd, but http://psds.tumblr.com has quite a few black and white psds :) (click ‘psds’ at the top - there’s only 4 pages, so it shouldn’t take you long to find one! :D)

3 years ago on 06/08/11 at 09:36am

Anonymous asked: How come when I upload my gif on tumblr that has a height bigger than 500 px it won't play. But you said the height doesn't matter.
Everything else is ok with the gif. I reduced the height and it played.

I’ve been thinking about this but I’m not too sure, sorry! I don’t know why that isn’t working for you, it shouldn’t be a problem. Perhaps it’s your theme? Or is it not working on your dash as well?

3 years ago on 06/08/11 at 04:48am